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Welcome to! I’m your host and site admin, as well as a lifelong naturalist and mother of two urban urchins. Growing up, I lived in a ‘horse town’ right on the outskirts of suburbia. My best memories are of riding my ponies and spending many solitary hours exploring muddy creeks and dusty trails.

In 2020, during a pandemic full of zoom meetings and school closures, I wanted to give my kids the same experiences I had as a child, but I found it to be a challenge. In fact, my kids seemed confused about this whole idea of going ‘outside’. To them, nature was something that could only be accessed after a long drive to a clearly marked trail. That’s when I realized that an unstructured playdate with nature sometimes requires a bit of inspiration.

This site’s goal is simple: kickstart the potential for nature discovery for everyone, but especially for our city dwelling families. Nature is all around us, and we are your guidebook on how to best start exploring and enjoying what is right outside your very own door.

We are so glad you are here – and we can’t wait to get outside with you!


For a day job:  our admin works in the conservation sciences. She specializes in river restoration, forestry best practices, and applying scientific rigor and cartographic transparency to all the issues surrounding water and land management.

In everyday life: this same admin is a full-time mother of two stubbornly curious dirt eaters, an underground literati, and an equal partner in a remodeling crime scene that mixes the chaos of child rearing with the minimalist touches of mid-century architecture.


We always welcome feedback! However, this site is designed to be useful for families – and that includes children. Because we welcome children – all conversation will be carefully monitored, and anything that can be construed as bullying/stalking/or threatening will be flagged and removed.

Also, many features of the site are only available to ‘admin’ users (for example: the ability to see true coordinates of the trees featured on our tree dashboard). If you’d like to join the admin team – we encourage you to reach out via our contact form.

There are no fees or ads currently attached to this site. Please consult our privacy policy if you have any further questions.

Welcome to the site! Please adhere to our community guidelines of polite and respectful conversation – and have fun!