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iSeaTree (V4):
A community science application for
Tree Huggers and


iSeaTree (v.4)!

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iSeaTree is a free and intuitive mobile application that helps you identify and record tree species anywhere in Canada and the USA!

Built for all ages and all skill levels, iSeaTree provides key gameplay elements that make it easy for users to have fun while learning about specific trees.

There are also a number of tools available (like our new AI tree detection assistant – TreeBot!) that helps you collect accurate and fast data about your tree.

Be sure to keep an eye on our app ‘Challenge’ page – to learn about the new and upcoming badges you can earn while learning more about trees!

What happens with all the tree data?

After a user records a tree on their mobile device, their tree is entered into a database and carefully checked for accuracy. After certain details are confirmed, the tree information is then crowd-validated on our global dashboard (psst – if you don’t know what a species is – don’t worry – try using our AI-assistant ‘TreeBot‘!).

If you don’t know the species – don’t worry! Our AI-assistant TreeBot can help!

Since iSeaTree also serves as a community science project, all trees recorded will be used to better understand and analyze biodiversity in our regional communities. All of this data is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 Licensing. Anybody can request a copy of the validated data by directly contacting the admin.

We hope that you will join us in making this scientific data collection game even more entertaining and challenging! Please feel free to ask questions and offer any suggestions you might have by email.

iSeaTree (v.4-v.1) release features

  • Use the in-app features (like our AI ‘TreeBot’ for identifying a tree species OR taking a DBH measurement just by using your phone) to record important information about your tree!
  • Calculate ‘Tree Benefits’ (CO2/H2O/& Air Quality) in the field using the iTree-powered ‘Calculate Tree Benefits’ button!
  • Share those ‘Tree Benefits’ on trees you have permission to post on (or near to) using our ‘Tree Tag’ print out!
  • Take a remote ‘Tree Tour’ and participate on the website or in the app in validating trees!
  • Create and share on social media a personalized custom map of all the trees you’ve inventoried. 
  • Earn badges for identifying different tree species at varying difficulty levels.
  • Connect with a network of experts and nature enthusiasts!

Future release features

You can stay tuned for updates on iSeaTree here at or check the in-app announcements. Currently planned updates of iSeaTree will include features such as:

  • The ability to collect rare unlocked badges for trees in specific urban watershed zones
  • Updated list of trees and tree facts