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Ready to get the word out about the benefits trees provide?

  1. Print any of the (8.5 x 11) PDF options offered below (on biodegradable paper/card stock). Cut on the dotted line.
  2. Download the iSeaTree app and use the ‘Tree Benefits Calculator’ to calculate the ‘Annual’ AND ‘To Date’ totals of CO2 stored by your particular tree.   
  3. Fill in the blanks! 
  4. Attach it to a tree where you have permission to do so! (Please use ONLY biodegradable materials. Jute Twine is a great option! Also, make sure you tie the tag not too tight on the branch). 

Annual CO2 Benefits

Download PDF:



To Date CO2 Benefits (* note: these values will be higher then the annual benefits)

Download PDF:



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