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The curriculum team have drafted up some new printout goodies – especially for our younger users.

As we know, humans have lived alongside trees for a LONG time – but we are not the only ones.

Can you now make a special ‘Tree Map’ just for this bird?

Think about what makes a ‘home’ for a bird. Can you draw where the bird sleeps? What about where he eats and plays? Be creative! Add color (colors are important)! Feel free to use our tree key if it helps!

(Psst – if you want to make a **DIGITAL Tree Map** that shows trees in your neighborhood – AND – share it on social media – check out our iSeaTee app. You can use the app to calculate ‘Tree Benefits’ AND make your very own shareable tree map using our Map Dashboard tool).

As of 09/30/2022, we now offer 2 VERSIONS of this map assignment.

V.1 is more reflective of trees commonly found on the West Coast of North America. V.2 is more reflective of trees commonly found in the Midwest, East Coast, or Southern regions of North America. Pick the version that works best for you!

V.1 PDF Download Link (West Coast):

B & W Tree Map V.1

V.2 PDF Download Link (Midwest/East Coast/South):

B & W Tree Map V.2

…also, here is a fun example (from Champaign, Illinois) of how you can personalize the map to make the assignment even more engaging for younger children. Please feel free to reach out to the curriculum team (via our email) if you need help customizing the map in this way. Enjoy!

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